Calling All Private Hire Drivers (Full/Part Time)!

Private Hire Drivers being your own boss and having a decent income as well as flexibility of the timing. At Dickson Auto Solution, we support you to drive brand new car with $0 Down-Payment, with our Drive to Earn Scheme or PHV Financing Scheme.

Drive to Earn Scheme

  • $0 Down-payment to drive away brand new car
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Rate include Road Tax, insurance and servicing (Wear and Tear included).
  • Option to buy back at predetermined and Guaranteed Sell Back amount at the end of the term (Up to 7 years)
  • Suitable for Full/Part Time Private Hire Drivers

Who is suitable for our Drive to earn Scheme?

  • If you love to drive your family around with a brand new car
  • If you like to drive part time for private hire during after office hours as well as on weekends
  • If you do not want to put any down-payment for brand new car
  • If you want option to buy over a Guaranteed sell back price or return to get back the security deposit

Private Hire Financing Scheme

  • Hire Purchase Loan
  • Fully own after 5 years tenure
  • Upfront only advance installment

Who is suitable for our Private Hire Financing Scheme?

  • If you like to own the car after 5 year
  • If you like to drive part or full time for private hire purposes
  • If you do not want to put huge down-payment for brand new car

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Any questions? Check out our FAQs below:


1. Can you tell me more about this scheme?
This scheme is providing a platform to assist car buyer with minimum cash outlay, to drive a brand new car at a lowest monthly fee, and at the same time can earn money when doing private hire part time or full time.

2. Can I use this scheme to drive Grab or Gojek?
Yes, this scheme can be use to drive Grab or Gojek for private hire purpose.

3. How much is the upfront payment for this scheme?
No down payment is needed. However, we do collect a Refundable Security Deposit (Drive to Earn Scheme) or advance monthly installment (Hire Purchase Financing Scheme), base on the make and model you choose.

4. Will this scheme work for me?
This scheme work perfectly for you if:
– You prefer to fork out some refundable security deposit or advance installment (depend on which scheme you choose), and put the rest of money for better use, instead of paying 30~40% upfront payment for brand new car.
– You don’t want to worry about re-sales car value after few years of driving.
– You don’t like to be tie down by TDSR

5. Why is our scheme different from what’s being offered in the market?
We create this scheme based on the following underlying principle:
– Fair and transparent
– Think in the customer perspective and meet their need.
We strongly believe this product is a win-win for our customer.

6. How establish is this company?
Dickson Auto Solution (DAS) is a subsidiary of Dickson Auto Group, established since 1988. Beside DAS, Dickson Auto Group consist of Dickson Automobile Pte Ltd selling pre-owned car, Dickson Capital Pte Ltd providing all type of vehicle financing and Dickson Insurance Agency providing vehicle insurance services.

7. Can I choose a car of my choice?
Of course! You can choose from Japan/Korean brands of your choice either from Distributor or PI Dealer. We buy the car from them, and you drive it with no down payment.

*Terms and Conditions Apply.

Call our friendly consultant today to find out more.

Zen @ 9199 0122 / 9004 5675

Cristine @ 9199 0277

Dennis @ 8161 7640