Found your dream car, afraid to commit because of:

➡ Horror stories of being shortchanged

➡ Car might be a lemon with no warranty
➡ Tedious process
➡ Mind boggling financing & insurance options

Our Trade Fair Scheme is ideal for customers wanting peace-of-mind buying from direct seller or consignment dealers. If you are looking at buying your dream car from a direct seller on the various car selling platforms like sgCarMart, Carro, etc. or from consignment dealers, and you want peace-of-mind to complete the purchase, why not have our Automotive Solutionists help execute the transaction on your behalf?

We will help you to manage your risks by:

    • Helping you get in-principle approval loan limit from Banks or In-House. This makes choosing your dream car easier with a budget on hand. As we partner many banks and financial institutions, you can be assured of very competitive interest rates.
    • Inspecting the car on your behalf at Dickson Auto Care Centre and providing you with a 38-point health check report. This is so that you know the condition of your car before committing. You can also buy the extended warranty underwritten by QBE Insurance for added peace-of-mind. 
    • Helping with the full transfer of ownership process and paperwork and final settlement of loan.

What’s more, you also get to enjoy:

✅ Low interest rate from 1.88%
✅ No admin fee
✅ In-house loan available
✅ 100% COE renewal loan
✅ Free inspection & extended warranty
✅ Enjoy Dickson Service Centre membership rate on repairs
✅ Money-back guarantee
✅ Attractive insurance premium

At Dickson Group, we provide inspection, evaluation and invaluable purchase advice.

You can contact our solutionist for more information    

Terms and conditions apply.

You ask, We answer…

Q1. What is Trade Fair Scheme about?

This scheme facilitates the whole process with a peace of mind in buying your dream pre-owned vehicle either from a pre-owned Dealer or Direct Seller.

Q2. What is so unique about Trade Fair Scheme?

  • Low interest rate from 1.88% (no admin fee)
  • In-house loan available
  • PHV & Private usage
  • Free inspection and extended warranty
  • Enjoy Dickson Service Centre membership discount
  • Money-back guarantee

Q3. Would I need to take up financing loan with Dickson Group to be eligible for this Trade Fair scheme?

No, it is not a requirement to take up financing loan with the Dickson Group. You may arrange for your own financing loan or pay for the vehicle in full cash.

Q4. Can I finance the vehicle for Private Hire purpose?
Yes, this scheme allows for private hire, personal and corporate usage.

Q5. Is there any guarantee on this transaction?

We, Dickson Group, guarantee the whole transaction process.

Q6. Are there any aftersales benefits for this scheme?

Yes, you get to enjoy Membership rate on all services at our brand new 15-bay Service Centre – Dickson Auto Care Centre.

You can contact our solutionist for more information  

Below are some of our customers who take up our Trade Fair Scheme.